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Partnerships are Key

We consider partnerships key to our success at (Monroe Scrap) Auto Shred of La.. A tradition of loyalty and strong relationships sustains our business. We want to be your recycler of choice whether you’re in the construction industry, demolition sector or a consumer. We promise honest weights, fair prices and reliable service.

We buy, sell, process and broker metal to be recycled. Every year steel mills reuse millions of tons of pre- and post-consumer steel products ranging from steel cans to construction materials and produce new tons of new steel. The partnership continues with new steel products made from recycled steel that can be recycled at the end of their productivity.

Join us in ensuring there is steel and other metals to recycle. We form a bridge between anyone with metal that no longer serves its purpose and companies with needs that can be fulfilled with recycled metal.

Call us about partnering in the recycling of scrap metal. We welcome your inquiries.

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