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Making New from Old

Monroe Scrap has been closed down and the operation has been moved to Auto Shred of La. Monroe, Louisiana-based recycling business that offers honest weights, fair prices and exceptional service to its customers. We still work with demolition companies, the construction industry and anyone with scrap metal to dispose.

We’re committed to being a valuable community resource for metals that can be reused to make something new from old. Additionally, we have invested heavily in equipment to process insulated copper and aluminum wiring and are proud to include that among the materials we accept.

As the region’s leading provider of scrap processing services, our purchases originate from within a 100-mile radius of Metro Monroe. We welcome retail clients, scrap metal dealers, demolition companies, industrial accounts and all inquiries.

We do the job with experience, expertise and in an environmentally conscious manner in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. Reliable service and fair prices make us stand out in our field.

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